Meme the Monkey Wins in Life

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Meme the Monkey might not ace her exams, but she wins in life. Read this book to find out how you and your child can win in life!
We all like to win. But what exactly does it mean to win in life and how can we win ... and win with Honour?

The purpose of this book is to invite you and your child to think about what "winning in life" actually means. What is success? How do you define success? What makes for a successful life?

This is particularly important in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). In a fast-changing world, there are no "maps" because no one has gone that way before. When there are no "maps", we need a good inner "compass" to guide us in life — this "compass" comprises the values that make us better human beings.

The right values will also prepare your child for the world of big data and digitalization. To survive and thrive in this world, your child must not only excel at technology, but also at humanity because after total efficiency is achieved via technology, the value of any business or organisation will be contingent on human and other non-digitalisable elements such as purpose and empathy.
Joanne H. Lim was awarded the Singapore Literature Book Prize (Non-Fiction) in 2014 and is the founder of The Right PerspectiveSG, a consultancy specialising in writing and strategic communications. She was the co-author of The Leader, The Teacher & You, a book on leadership and governance, as well as Winning with Honour, a book on success in life, family, and work.

“Meme the Monkey Wins in Life” is the kids version of Winning with Honour.